6 Houses all clustered together

I have a cluster of 4 houses and 1 cabin on one 17 acre parcel all with seperate driveways and woods interconnecting them. They are only 2 minutes away from the my other 2 homes. ( 3 of them are currently BNBs, with a total of 13 bedrooms if crew needs overnight accommodations.) Stream and hiking trails have road and parking access. lots of parking for food and equiptment trucks. A large amount of household props from many eras available as well as trucks, trailers, tractors, and logspittler used in previous films. My family has lived on a 700+ acre farm for over 350 years. I have made connections for other producers to use local churches, fire departments, barns, businesses, bodies of water, vehicles ETC...so whatever you need just ask! You get more than just one place when you book with me.
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