Authentic 1930s Bungalow Colony

We offer an unusual, old “Borscht Belt” bungalow colony about 90 miles north of NYC, in the Village of Kerhonkson, in Ulster County, near New Paltz and Minnewaska Park. It was built in the 1930s and includes three cottages and a main guesthouse arranged in a square around a large lawn. It looks like a small village, as each building is quite distinct. We sit on 5.5 acres, with hardwood forests, meadows, drivable paths and a big pond. I think I would describe the venue as having “authentic rustic charm.” It could be used for any number of shoots that require a rural setting and/or characters who live within modest means. It is nothing fancy, but it is quite photogenic. The main house has a full kitchen, 2 bathrooms, five bedrooms, living room, den and sitting room, and sleeping room for 12 people, soon to expand to 16, in case crews want to stay overnight. There is also a midrange resort hotel just down the road from us and wonderful farm-to-table catering options nearby, including craft beers, ciders, and amazing produce and grass-fed BBQ. There is ample parking as well. We do not live on the property, and there is very little to break. The back acres are accessible by vehicle. We are extremely flexible about the use of the various spaces. More photos of the property are here: As you can see, the exteriors and interiors are in various conditions. The unfinished buildings could easily be fixed up, or left as is, depending on need. Some of these interiors will be finished in June 2018.
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