Rifton Acres is a Dreamwell Project that provides 118 acres of woods and marsh for your production needs. The land creates a perfect private opportunity to shoot any film and/or photography with the backdrop of an uninterrupted forest. There are two streams, one seasonal. There is a deep steep sided ravine, and there is a 35 acre pond with an abundance of lily pads, reeds and wildlife. The natural environment does come with a few amenities. There are several outhouses conveniently tucked away all throughout the grounds, along with campsites perfect to set up trailers or tents for craft services, wardrobe, and/or production offices. (Additionally trailers, tents and/or temporary structures can be provided). Rifton Acres is mostly filled with maple, oak, cedar, pine and hemlock trees. There are several paths throughout the grounds for safe travel by SUV, 4 wheel drive and/or off-road vehicles. ATV's are allowed on the property. There is also easy access for travel by foot. As a predominantly outdoor private location, it allows for a vast playground to let your ideas run wild. Art direction and design are welcomed onsite to create whatever desired world your imagination and production requires.
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