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New York State is home to one of the largest and most experienced pools of talent and film crews anywhere in the country. With Ulster County’s proximity to New York, many experienced industry professionals call Ulster County home. Long-term efforts by the Hudson Valley Film Commission and the Woodstock Film Festival form the backbone for a thriving network of production, post-production resources and supporting services, such as set designers, art directors, construction specialists, carpenters, caterers and landscapers.

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Aerial Photography

Digital Realm
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones, Editing Services, Marketing, EPK Companies, Producers, Still Photography, Writers
Digital Realm Agency is an independent creative digital marketing and videography company in the heart of Kingston. We offer a variety of services that centers around content creation, digital marketing, and videography. We give your digital presence the attention it craves. Check out our website, and reach out.
Firehouse Road, LLC
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones, Editing Services, Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Still Photography
Chris Ramirez owner of Firehouse Road, LLC is a photographer and cinematographer with 28 years of professional experience, including 15 years for The New York Times, where he shot more than 2,000 assignments. Chris is an FAA licensed Remote (drone), Pilot with waivers to fly at night.
Gerald Berliner Photography
Aerial Photography, Animation & FX, Aerial Photography: Drones, Audio Post-Production, Editing Services, Art Directors & Production Designers, Music/Sound Composition, Arranging, Still Photography
Award-wining photographer/videographer based in Ellenville, New York. Covering all aspects of ground based and aerial video and still photography. Clients include, Mohonk Preserve, Open Space Institute, Franklin D. Roosevelt Hyde Park Foundation and Scenic Hudson. Full post-production editing services available with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects
Laszloimage LLC
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones
Laszlo (Laszloimage LLC) is a photographer, cinematographer, and professional skydiver with over 10,000 jumps capable to operate high end photo and video (cine) equipment in high stress extreme environment (like open door aircraft, jumping out of an aircraft, or hanging on a cliff by a rope) Laszlo is also a very experienced skydiver, skydiving instructor and FAA certified parachute rigger available for aerial stunts. Furthermore experienced FAA licensed drone operator and airplane pilot.
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones, Audio Post-Production, Editing Services, Assistant Directors, Music/Sound Composition, Arranging, Audio Services, Camera Assistants, Camera Rigs & Mounts: Dollies, Jibs, Generators, Etc., Other Post-Production, Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Storyboards, Other Pre-Production, Hair & Make Up, Lighting, Producers, Production Assistants, Production Coordinators, Production Services, Script Supervisor, Steadicam Owner/Operators, Teleprompter Owner/Operator, Unit Production Managers, Writers
COMMERCIAL FILMMAKING The medium of film can be used to tell anyone's story. People, organizations, and brands can all benefit from having their message brought to life on screen. We help you find your story and unique perspective. FILM PRODUCTION We're always interested in collaborating with other filmmakers to help realize productions. Our core team can exist at the center of the crew or surround an existing one – we thrive in the roles of Producers, Cinematographers, and Directors. EVENT PRODUCTION - MUSIC There are no do-overs with live events, the moment is there, and then it’s gone. Capturing the energy of a live musical performance requires technical competence, coordination, and teamwork to get it right the first – and only – time. We assemble crews and bring in the support staff needed to pull it off. EVENT PRODUCTION - BEHIND THE SCENES For certain events like workshops, festivals, conferences, and meetings – there can be an entire story just beneath the surface. Being embedded into these events as a crew allows to capture the essence of your event from behind the scenes. AERIAL CINEMATOGRAPHY Sky is no longer a limit.
Nostrand Productions
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones, Audio Post-Production, Casting, Editing Services, Art Directors & Production Designers, Marketing, Assistant Directors, Audio Services, Music Supervision & Clearance, Camera Assistants, Film Research, Transcript Services, Camera Rigs & Mounts: Dollies, Jibs, Generators, Etc., Location Services, Other Post-Production, Picture Cars, Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Costume Design/Wardrobe, Storyboards, Equipment, Sales/Rentals, Other Pre-Production, Grip & Electric Dept., Hair & Make Up, Lighting, Producers, Production Assistants, Production Coordinators, Production Services, Props/Set Scenery, Script Supervisor, Steadicam Owner/Operators, Still Photography, Unit Production Managers, Writers, Other Production
Nostrand Productions is an award-winning digital film and video production company based in Kingston, New York. Nestled upstate within New York’s Hudson Valley, we offer full-service production packages to guide your project or campaign from concept to completion.
NY Film Flyers
Aerial Photography
Aerial photography, airplanes, helicopters and film pilots for the film industry. Based in New York, we have been supplying airplanes and helicopters to the movie industry since 1984. Our airplanes and helicopters have been used in numerous feature films, television shows and commercials. We have a variety of camera mounts including Wescam, Spacecam, Gyrosphere, Tyler Middle, Major, Nose and handheld for the hearty freewheeling DP's. All of the mounts can be used on both helicopters. All our fixed wing aircraft are equipped with FAA approved doors that can be opened and closed in flight.
Atomburst Production Services
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones, Camera Rigs & Mounts: Dollies, Jibs, Generators, Etc., Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Equipment, Sales/Rentals, Generators, Grip & Electric Dept., Lighting, Production Services, Steadicam Owner/Operators, Tents, Tables, Chairs
Atomburst Production Services and Rentals is a full service company that offers grip and electrical equipment, lighting, camera, camera support, production support, aerial cinematography,grip truck rentals and crew for the television, movie, still, video and film production community. Atomburst Productions offers the most professional film crew services and the highest quality equipment for your production needs. Located in the Capital Region, Albany, NY. Just outside of the Hudson Valley, Southern Tier, Adirondacks, Syracuse, Vermont, and Western Massachusetts.
Brand-News-Team, Inc.
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones, Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography
Brand-News-Team is an award-winning digital content creation company that specializes in 4K video production and FAA-compliant drone operations. Remote Pilot in Charge (RPIC) Roger Rosenbaum is an FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot who delivers cinematic content as well as an in-depth understanding of federal regulations. Brand-News-Team has obtained 80 FAA airspace authorizations and holds a 107.29 daytime waiver allowing flight at night for commercial purposes. The company carries $1,000,000-$5,000,000 in commercial aviation liability insurance from a top rated aerospace insurance company. Rosenbaum is a drone pro with the FAA Safety Team (FAAST) and also advises on safe and legal drone operations.
Flying Cow Drones
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones, Editing Services, Location Services
Hudson Valley based drone services company offering a variety of aerial imaging packages. Custom jobs also welcome around imaging and videography. Please reach out to us to see how we can best assist you.