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New York State is home to one of the largest and most experienced pools of talent and film crews anywhere in the country. With Ulster County’s proximity to New York, many experienced industry professionals call Ulster County home. Long-term efforts by the Hudson Valley Film Commission and the Woodstock Film Festival form the backbone for a thriving network of production, post-production resources and supporting services, such as set designers, art directors, construction specialists, carpenters, caterers and landscapers.

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Capone Productions
Animation & FX, Audio Post-Production, Editing Services, EPK Companies, Music/Sound Composition, Arranging, Audio Services, Music Supervision & Clearance, Film Research, Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Storyboards, Equipment, Sales/Rentals, Lighting, Producers, Production Assistants, Production Coordinators, Production Services, Props/Set Scenery, Still Photography, Writers
Capone Productions offers full-service video production from concept through delivery. We specialize in documentaries, corporate videos, music videos, branding videos, EPK's, and social media content. We can also provide specific support at any stage of production or post-production. We have a full location sound package and vastly experienced operators. We have a full camera package including lights and gimbal as well as operators experienced in both verite style documentary shoots and staged shoots. Capone Productions also brings over 20 years of post-production experience to your project. We offer post-production supervision, offline and online editing, compositing, FX, and title design. Via our music studio: Hell's Kitchen Recording, we also offer audio services such as audio mix, VO record, and even music composition or recording.
Christina Sellers
Producers, Still Photography
DIRECTOR/PRODUCER 2008-2010, 2015-2018 DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY (DP) /CAMERA OPERATOR 2010-2015 DIRECTOR/PRODUCER 2008-2010, 2015-2018 ● Solely run a crew of 8-20 people, including on-camera talent, and any guest talent. ● Adapt to any, and often, fluctuation in game plan and schedule to meet the needs of cast, crew, destination, weather, etc. Holding true to story, adjusting any unforeseen obstacles and adjusting to make it work for the same end product. ● In charge of all production matters such as planning, scheduling, budgeting, and hiring key personnel. ● Keep track of story, direct cameras, crew and on-camera talent. ● Organize and implement all aspects of set preparation and crew needs. ● Coach talent to the specific needs of the show. ● Ensure on-camera talent has full knowledge of what the show needs from them as well as making sure they feel as comfortable, relaxed, and deliver what is needed on screen. ● Communicate with Execute Producer on a daily basis to maintain the best quality show we can deliver. ● I’ve worked in a variety of shows including reality, crime, food, and build shows. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY (DP) /CAMERA OPERATOR 2010-2015 • As head of the camera department, I make sure we are technically and visually telling the story as needed for each specific show. • Working side by side with the Director/Producer to ensure seamless communication with my team to get the best quality product. • Hold myself accountable for all aspects of filming, including understanding and following story. EXPERIENCE • Cheap Eats, Cooking Channel (Seasons 2 and 3) — Director. 2016 – 2017 • Cheap Eats, Cooking Channel (Season 1) — Director of Photography. 2016 – 2017 • Live the Stream, Nomadic – Feature length film. 2016 • Lost and Found, Discovery – Camera. 2015 • American Icons, Discovery – DP. 2015 • Lachey’s Bar, A&E – Camera. 2014 – 2015 • Blood, Sweat, and Heals, Bravo – Camera 2014 • Love Prison, A&E – Camera 2014 • Secret Life of Fabulous, Logo – Camera 2014 • Hotel Impossible, Travel Channel (Seasons 2, 3 and 4) – Camera 2012 – 2014 • Hotel Impossible: Undercover, Travel Channel – Camera 2014 • AMA Awards, Yahoo! – Camera 2014 • Shop this Room, HGTV – Camera 2012 • NY Nannies, Pilot – DP 2012 • Runway Lu, Pilot, VH1 – DP 2012 • Quiero Mi Quince, MTV – Camera 2012 • Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal, OWN – DP 2012 • Alaska State Troopers, National Geographic Channel – DP 2012 • Deadly Sins, Discovery – DP 2012 • Ultimate Home Builders, HGTV – DP 2012 • Goldfathers, National Geographic Channel – Camera 2011 – 2012 • American Greed, CNBC – DP 2011 • Twist of Fate, Weather Channel – DP 2011 • Extreme Forensics, Discovery – Field Producer 2011 • American Eats, TLC – Unit Production Manager 2010 • How Big Can It Get, National Geographic Wild – Field Producer 2010 • Hungry Truckers, Discovery – Field Producer 2010 • Seized and Sold: The Madoff Auction, National Geographic Channel – Field Producer 2010 • Best Food Ever, TLC – Unit Production Manager – 2009-2010 • Weird, True & Freaky (Seasons 1 and 2), Animal Planet – 2009 • Man Vs. Fish, Discovery – 2009 • Killer Aliens, Animal Planet – 2009
Digital Realm
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones, Editing Services, Marketing, EPK Companies, Producers, Still Photography, Writers
Digital Realm Agency is an independent creative digital marketing and videography company in the heart of Kingston. We offer a variety of services that centers around content creation, digital marketing, and videography. We give your digital presence the attention it craves. Check out our website, and reach out.
John M. Tyson
1st A.D., producer, director, screen writer
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones, Audio Post-Production, Editing Services, Assistant Directors, Music/Sound Composition, Arranging, Audio Services, Camera Assistants, Camera Rigs & Mounts: Dollies, Jibs, Generators, Etc., Other Post-Production, Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Storyboards, Other Pre-Production, Hair & Make Up, Lighting, Producers, Production Assistants, Production Coordinators, Production Services, Script Supervisor, Steadicam Owner/Operators, Teleprompter Owner/Operator, Unit Production Managers, Writers
COMMERCIAL FILMMAKING The medium of film can be used to tell anyone's story. People, organizations, and brands can all benefit from having their message brought to life on screen. We help you find your story and unique perspective. FILM PRODUCTION We're always interested in collaborating with other filmmakers to help realize productions. Our core team can exist at the center of the crew or surround an existing one – we thrive in the roles of Producers, Cinematographers, and Directors. EVENT PRODUCTION - MUSIC There are no do-overs with live events, the moment is there, and then it’s gone. Capturing the energy of a live musical performance requires technical competence, coordination, and teamwork to get it right the first – and only – time. We assemble crews and bring in the support staff needed to pull it off. EVENT PRODUCTION - BEHIND THE SCENES For certain events like workshops, festivals, conferences, and meetings – there can be an entire story just beneath the surface. Being embedded into these events as a crew allows to capture the essence of your event from behind the scenes. AERIAL CINEMATOGRAPHY Sky is no longer a limit.
Nostrand Productions
Aerial Photography, Aerial Photography: Drones, Audio Post-Production, Casting, Editing Services, Art Directors & Production Designers, Marketing, Assistant Directors, Audio Services, Music Supervision & Clearance, Camera Assistants, Film Research, Transcript Services, Camera Rigs & Mounts: Dollies, Jibs, Generators, Etc., Location Services, Other Post-Production, Picture Cars, Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Costume Design/Wardrobe, Storyboards, Equipment, Sales/Rentals, Other Pre-Production, Grip & Electric Dept., Hair & Make Up, Lighting, Producers, Production Assistants, Production Coordinators, Production Services, Props/Set Scenery, Script Supervisor, Steadicam Owner/Operators, Still Photography, Unit Production Managers, Writers, Other Production
Nostrand Productions is an award-winning digital film and video production company based in Kingston, New York. Nestled upstate within New York’s Hudson Valley, we offer full-service production packages to guide your project or campaign from concept to completion.
Patchface Productions
Aerial Photography: Drones, Casting, Art Directors & Production Designers, Assistant Directors, Audio Services, Camera Assistants, Film Research, Camera Rigs & Mounts: Dollies, Jibs, Generators, Etc., Location Services, Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Costume Design/Wardrobe, Storyboards, Other Pre-Production, Grip & Electric Dept., Hair & Make Up, Lighting, Producers, Production Assistants, Production Coordinators, Production Services, Props/Set Scenery, Script Supervisor, Steadicam Owner/Operators, Still Photography, Unit Production Managers, Writers
We specialize in writing and development, all aspects of pre-production and production. Can work with any scale of production and budget. Narrative, documentary and commercial projects are all welcome.
Shotgun Films
Janet Baus is an independent documentary filmmaker whose work has been shown on public television, cable television and festivals around the world.
Sort of Satisfactory LLC
Accounting, Completion Guarantees, Insurance, Audio Post-Production, Casting, Editing Services, Music/Sound Composition, Arranging, Film Research, Location Services, Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Storyboards, Equipment, Sales/Rentals, Producers, Production Coordinators, Production Services, Steadicam Owner/Operators, Still Photography, Writers
Sort of Satisfactory is an independent creative studio based in upstate New York. Founded by two generalists, S.O.S operates as a nimble and cost-effective solution for forward-thinking brands and agencies that seek enduring creative partnerships. With integrated production abilities and a small core team, S.O.S has the flexibility to scale as needed, bridging the gap between agency sensibilities and production company services. In all of our work we identify key talent from our global network, bringing them on to match the scope of any project that comes our way - that is, if we can't already do it ourselves. At S.O.S we operate with a "we-not-me" mentality positioning ourselves as true collaborators. Taking all project targets into consideration, we develop content that is both visually stunning and impactful. As creators, we take a production-minded approach ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget. Founders, Mik Cooper and Michael Clarke, bring over a decade of experience in the Film and Advertising industry with Mik working primarily as a Producer and Michael working as both a Director and Commercial Photographer. Select clients between them include: ADP, AstraZeneca, Bridgestone, Canon, Champion, Citi, Enterprise, Equinox, Facebook, Google, Lincoln Motor Company, New Balance, Nike, Outdoor Voices, Patagonia, Under Armour, Samsung, The New York Times, Toyota, Tumi, UnitedHealthcare, Walmart, Vogue, Vrbo and many more. We tackle projects of all shapes and sizes. We also own a Sony Venice 2 Package which we subrent in the Hudson Valley.
Stacy Strauss
Full service production company located in Woodstock, New York
Wind Reel & Print LLC
Casting, Assistant Directors, Film Research, Other Pre-Production, Producers, Production Services, Writers, Other Production
JT is a DGA 1st AD, award winning Screenwriter, Producer and Director.
Rolling Pin Film Production
Editing Services, Other Post-Production, Other Pre-Production, Pre-Production, Producers, Production, Production Services, Post Production, Video Engineers
We produce documentary films and videos for your business, nonprofit or corporation. Our videos and films showcase the human element of your business or organization through a unique documentary style – a proven and effective way to raise awareness and funding for your company. Your story matters to us.
Stacey Cormier
Accounting, Completion Guarantees, Insurance, Casting, Computer Services, Assistant Directors, Extra, Film Research, Picture Cars, Storyboards, Talent Agents, Unions & Guilds, Other Pre-Production, Producers, Production Services
DGA Assistant Director
Todd Cross
Editing Services, Camera Assistants, Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Producers, Production Assistants, Production Coordinators
I am a jack-of-all trades and I am finding my footing in the film/tv worlds that are expanding in the Hudson Valley. I have a home base in Kingston and New York City. I have 30 years of experience in news storytelling - first starting out as a still photographer and photo editor (for newspaper and magazines). But I opted to expand my skills into multimedia and video via a Master's degree from Syracuse University over 10 years ago. Since then, I have been producing, filming, and editing both short and long form projects for a wide variety of media outlets - mostly within various staff roles. I am now looking to shift to more tv/film work (especially in the Hudson Valley) and I opted to enroll in Stockade Works' Crew Boot Camp a few weeks ago - in order to learn how to work "on-set." I see myself embracing opportunities as a director, director of photography, assistant director, assistant camera.....even production assistant, as I learn more how crews work within tv/film. So at this moment, I am not sure what to call myself, but I know I would be a great addition to your team for any future projects.
Tully Productions
Cinematographers/Directors Of Photography, Other Pre-Production, Producers, Production, Still Photography
My editorial assignments brought me to the attention of design firms and corporations and I began to shoot commercial work. I have gone on assignment in over 62 countries (including over a dozen around-the-world shoots) for many of the top global Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, NGOs and design firms. At present my work is split between shooting commercial photography assignments and producing/directing content for TV, NPOs, and corporate clients.